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21 (Medical):Mount Jerome . Ref No: 413.

Address at time of Death. Prussia Street. 
ALLDRITT, Samuel John Fortescue. (I1112)
22 (Medical):Mount Jerome.
Died 1881. At 47 Bath Avenue, Booterstown.

Grave. 16. Section A333. 
ALLDRITT, Charles Albert (I1196)
23 (Medical):On his Headstone. DYAS, Frederick A. (I1190)
24 (Medical):Paddy was in tallaght Hospital,
for a number of weeks before he died.
He never got back to Walkinstown. 
MCMAHON, Patrick S. (I303)
25 (Medical):Present at her Death : Andrew Donovan. LEARY, Mary (I106)
26 (Medical):Removal from The Church in Berkley Street. Next to old Mater Hospital, SCOTT, Mary Elizabeth (I243)
27 (Medical):Vol. 1d. Page 229. ALLDRITT, Isaac (I1094)
28 (Medical):William ( Billy) Alldritt was in the R.A.F. during the 2nd World War.

Bill Sheridan. 
ALLDRITT, William Alexander (I1109)
29 (Medical):«b»Brian was a Spastic Child.«/b» WEAVING, Brian Ignatius Cornelius (I264)
30 (Research) 03-11-1947 taken from the Irish Indo.
:While motorcycling to Arklow he collided with a dog at Kilpedder.
He was rushed to Wicklow Co Hospital and had a fractured skull.

ALLDRITT, Harry (I1246)
31 (Research): Brew-master & Cooper by Trade. KRAUSSLACH, George (I3356)
32 (Research): My grandfather Thomas and my grandmother Theresa were married in Ireland.

They had a child in Dublin but left that child and came to America with
my Uncle Mervyn and I Aunt Ruby. I know they had more children
that were born in America and are still alive. My dad was the baby, his
name was Reginald Vincent Harold Haines, he has a sister, Dorothy which
we call Topsy, a sister Lois, he had a brother Victor that is also
deceased. They lived in Kearny New Jersey. My grandfather died in the
1940's after he got a report that my dad was dead in World War II, which
wasn't the truth. He suffered a heart attack and his wife Theresa died
one year later, my dad always said she died of a broken heart. Theresa
was catholic. I know Uncle Mervyn became an electrical engineer, he was
very smart and worked for Bell Telephone, he lived in Livingston New
Jersey and was influential in his town, they named a community pool
after him. If you have any more information on Thomas, I would love to
hear it. My brother's name is Thomas Haines, he is a retired police
officer. My dad married my mom in 1945, her name was Faye Mattia, and
they had three children, Thomas, Phyllis, and myself.
Thank you,
Debbie Haines-Gladd 20-04-2009. Alan 
HAINES, Mervyn Victor Thomas. (I498)
33 (Research):1911 Worked as a Tobacco Presser. FREER, Joseph (I1813)
34 (Research):1926 Occ: Coppersmith. New York Travel Listing. PENFOLD, Joseph Thomas. (I3784)
35 (Research):Arrived in America on the 24 Nov 1913. From Canada.

John Bieb. 
SCHURMAN, Freideric August Trell. (I3742)
36 (Research):Buried in Mount Jerome

Grave 64. Section A 301. 
ALLDRITT, Samuel (I1384)
37 (Research):Buried in Mount jerome. Plot C136. Pertuity. 1287. ALLDRITT, Harriett Ada (I1387)
38 (Research):Cabinet Maker. MASTERMAN, Eric Francis. (I3762)
39 (Research):Came into Possision, of 2 of Willie O'Sullivans Paintings today the
18-Nov 2009.
Given to me by "Kae Dowling" of Cork.

Painted in year 1928. 
O'SULLIVAN, William Anthony (I84)
40 (Research):Children of Edward Daunt and Eliza Ryan are: Mary Daunt, born Bef. 21 Sep 1841.
Notes for Mary Daunt:
Frank Thompson's Five Catholic Parishes Database: Mary Daunt, daughter of Edward Walsh Daunt, of
Glinny, and Eliza Ryan, baptised 21 September 1841. Sponsors were Mark Collins and Catherine Ryan. 
DAUNT, Mary (I3639)

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