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21 Death: Apr-Jun 1946 Galway. Vol. 4 Page. 136 O'SULLIVAN, Mary A. (I3861)
22 Oct- Dec 1947 Dub South Vol. 2 Page 593 Family F586
23 1864 Vol. 8 Page 438 Donaghmore Co Laois. Family F461
George Jones, a sinker in the Auchincloss shaft of the D. L. & W. Co., at Hanover, was instantly killed by a fall of rock about 6 o'clock last evening. His wife is on a visit to friends and relatives in Mifflinburg and Huntingdon. The body was taken to his home in Nanticoke. He leaves a wife and six children, two of whom are away with the mother on a visit. The deceased was aged 39 years.

Wilkes-Barre Record, Nov 1, 1894
JONES, George Albert (I7073)
25 (Medical) Died of an Infection of her Big Toe. O'SULLIVAN, Eileen May. (I535)
26 (Medical): Arthur was seemingly suppose to have gotten the Diesese in a Public Toilet.

This was told to me by Karen Alldritt. 09-04-2008. 
ALLDRITT, Arthur (I1107)
27 (Medical):Buried in Glasnevin.

St Pauls. OD. Number 84.
Grave is now in the name of Hurley Family.
As it was not bought.

Alan 14-07-2008. 
RYAN, Elizabeth (I1232)
28 (Medical):Buried in Mount Jerome Plot 64. Section A 310.

Address at time of her death . 18 Augrim Street. Dublin. 
KEYSER, Caroline (I1378)
29 (Medical):Death Info;
Ref No: 319. Died 1875.

Address at time of death. 18 Augrim Street, Dublin,
Found in Pearse St Library. 
ALLDRITT, Eliza (I922)
30 (Medical):Death. Southampton.

Apr-May-Jun. 1889.
Vol. 2c. Page 21. 
CONROY, George (I1104)
31 (Medical):Died in 1872

Ref No ; 37.
Address at time of death Prussia Street. 
ALLDRITT, Henrietta Eliza Emily (I1106)
32 (Medical):Died on a Tuesday Morning In the Old Meath Hospital. LONG, John Joseph (I5)
33 (Medical):Grandmother of Sheila Clewmore found in Rootsweb. 09-08-2008 GAFFNEY, Catherine (I1427)
34 (Medical):Grave Information:
Reg No: 930. Died 1876

Address at time of death 18 Augrim Street. Dublin.

Found in Pearse St Library. 
ALLDRITT, Samuel Fortescue Wyatt. (I798)
35 (Medical):Maggie died Peacefully in Tallaght Hospital. After spending the last 2 years in a Nursing Home. FREER, Margaret (I606)
36 (Medical):Mount Jerome . Ref No: 413.

Address at time of Death. Prussia Street. 
ALLDRITT, Samuel John Fortescue. (I1112)
37 (Medical):Mount Jerome.
Died 1881. At 47 Bath Avenue, Booterstown.

Grave. 16. Section A333. 
ALLDRITT, Charles Albert (I1196)
38 (Medical):On his Headstone. DYAS, Frederick A. (I1190)
39 (Medical):Paddy was in tallaght Hospital,
for a number of weeks before he died.
He never got back to Walkinstown. 
MCMAHON, Patrick S. (I303)
40 (Medical):Present at her Death : Andrew Donovan. LEARY, Mary (I106)

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