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41 (Research):Arrived in America on the 24 Nov 1913. From Canada.

John Bieb. 
SCHURMAN, Freideric August Trell. (I3742)
42 (Research):Birth Jan-Mar. 1890 Middleton, Vol. 4 Page. 641 AHERN, John (I2108)
43 (Research):Birth. Jan-Mar. 1906 Portumna. Vol. 4 Page 321 QUIGLEY, Michael (I2060)
44 (Research):Birth. Oct-Dec 1903, Portumna, Vol. 4 Page 311 SHIEL, Annie (I2058)
45 (Research):Birth. Oct-Dec. 1907. Portumna. Vol. 4 Page 298 QUIGLEY, Thomas (I2059)
46 (Research):Birth: Galway Jul-Sep 1908 Vol. 4 Page 191 DOWLER, Mary Josephine V. (I3568)
47 (Research):Birth: Jan-Mar. 1904 Portumna. Vol. 4 Page 335. QUIGLEY, Winifred (I2062)
48 (Research):Birth; Jan-Mar 1891 Middleton, Vol.4 Page. 658 AHERN, William (I2107)
49 (Research):Birth; Jan-Mar.1894 Middleton Vol. 4 Page. 614 AHERN, Johanna (I2106)
50 (Research):Birth; Oct-Dec. 1906 Portumna Vol. 4 Page 307 QUIGLEY, Mary Anne. (I2061)
51 (Research):Buried in Mount Jerome

Grave 64. Section A 301. 
ALLDRITT, Samuel (I1384)
52 (Research):Buried in Mount jerome. Plot C136. Pertuity. 1287. ALLDRITT, Harriett Ada (I1387)
53 (Research):Cabinet Maker. MASTERMAN, Eric Francis. (I3762)
54 (Research):Came into Possision, of 2 of Willie O'Sullivans Paintings today the
18-Nov 2009.
Given to me by "Kae Dowling" of Cork.

Painted in year 1928. 
O'SULLIVAN, William Anthony (I84)
55 (Research):Carriage Builder by Trade. DOWLER, William (I3888)
56 (Research):Children of Edward Daunt and Eliza Ryan are: Mary Daunt, born Bef. 21 Sep 1841.
Notes for Mary Daunt:
Frank Thompson's Five Catholic Parishes Database: Mary Daunt, daughter of Edward Walsh Daunt, of
Glinny, and Eliza Ryan, baptised 21 September 1841. Sponsors were Mark Collins and Catherine Ryan. 
DAUNT, Mary (I3639)
57 (Research):Death 1869 Dub South Vol, 2 Page 557 SMITH, Martha (I3638)
58 (Research):Death:
Oct-Dec 1886 Loughrea. Galway Vol. 4 Page 205 
IRVINE, Robert U. (I3915)
59 (Research):Death: Jul-Sep 1903 Dub South . Vol. 2 Page 437 WATSON, Catherine (I3815)
60 (Research):DEATH: (From Linda Hansen, info from GRO Dublin)

DEATH: Death 1876 Samuel Alldritt, 73 years, Dublin North, Vol 13. Page 372.
District No.3 North City
Union Dublin North
City of Dublin
22 August 1876 at 18 Aughrim Street
Samuel Alldritt, widower, aged 73 years
Occupation: engineer
Cause of death: Paralysis, 2 years, uncertified; Tubercular phthisis, 2 years, Diarrhoea, certified
Informant: Isaac Alldritt, present at death, Rutland Avenue, Dolphins Barn
Registered 24 August 1876

DEATH: There was a Letter of Administration for Samuel:-
Index to Probate and Administration Calendars 1858-77 (at National
Archives, Dublin)
Samuel Alldritt, Intestacy, Principal Registry, 1876
7 Nov 1876 Samuel Alldritt
Effects under 100
Letter of Administration of the personal estate of Samuel Alldritt late of 18 Aughrim Street, Dublin, Esquire, a widower, deceased, who died 23 August 1876 at the same place were granted at the Principal Registry to Isaac Alldritt of 6 Reillys Avenue, Dolphins Barn, Dublin, Engineer, the son of said deceased.

DEATH: Samuel Alldritt was admitted to Simpsons Hopsital in May 1875 for
blindness. Both my great grandfather, Benjamin Leslie from Dublin, and my great great grandfather, Jonathan Ravell from Dublin both spent many years in Simpsons Hopsital. Benjamin Leslie was admitted for blindness and was there for 18 years until his death in 1914. Jonathan Ravell was there for 10 years and was also admitted for blindness. I wouldn't mind betting they had cataracts - my 86 year old mother has cataracts and she's their granddaughter and great granddaughter.To give you an idea what Simpsons Hospital was this is from a Dublin Directory-

Simpson's Hospital (1781)
Great Britain Street
Founded by the late George Simpson Esq. of Dublin for the reception of reduced but respectable men of good character who are permanently disabled either through the effects of gout or want of sight.

DEATH: Simpsons Hopsital Admission Register
Alldritt, Samuel
Age: 72 years
Occupation: Engineer
Address: 18 Aughrim Street
Application date: May 1875

DEATH: Simpsons Hospital Record of Deaths, Expulsions, Resignations etc.
Alldritt, Samuel
Age: 72 years
Occupation: Engineer
Address: Aughrim Street
Blind/Gouty: blind
Admitted: May 1875
Died: 22 August 1876

ADDRESS: From the Ansley Dublin City Directory, 1850 (
Aldritt, Samuel
13 Grangegorman Lane (tenements - indiv occups not listed) 
ALLDRITT, Samuel Fortescue Wyatt. (I798)

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