John Joseph Long

Chapter 1
The Early Year's

John Joseph Long was very proud of the fact that he was a Cork Man, so it came as a bit of a surprise to him when I told him that he was actually born in Dublin.

His Father Nathaniel and Mother Julia came to Dublin in the July of 1915, as Julia was Pregnant and almost ready to give Birth to my Dad.

He was born on the 15th August 1915 and they stayed in Dublin for a couple of Months, before moving over to Slough in England.

In the summer of 1916 they returned to Cork, as Mr & Mr’s with the new arrival. They moved around Cork City over the next couple of years, going from flat to flat, as each time the Landlord came looking for rent which wasn’t forthcoming, as it just wasn’t there.

One memory which seems to stick in his mind was the night of December 11th 1920, when the Black and Tans, tried to burn Cork City to the ground, and almost succeeded. He told me he remembered that they were living in a Flat above some shops in Patrick Street, when all hell broke loose, he remembered his Mother lifting him from his bed and running across the street and running into a flat belonging to a neighbour, were she placed him in a bed alongside a very old man, who he thinks was bed ridden. I am sure things like that don’t leave your head for a very long time.

He certainly got to see a lot of the City with all the moving, some of the Address he spoke of where, 98 Street, The Grand Parade, Tuckey Street, Washington Street, and even Crosshaven. His Father Nathaniel was a Cabinet Maker by profession, as was his father before him, The Long Family owned and ran a Billiard and Snooker table manufacture in Cork. For a good number of years. His earliest memory of it was when they were based in Cooke Street, they later moved to Washington Street, where he started to help out in the workshop.The Carpenters that worked there were all true craftsmen, with minimal tools they turned out the Best Snooker and Billiard tables Cork had ever seen. They won Numerious Competitions, in Craftmanship with there exhibits, and he was very proud of the fact that he played a small part in this.

Him leaving Cork, for Dublin in Early 1935 came after a slight disagreement with his father over work. His father had a contract for to make 24 Bedside Lockers, while been payed a sum for each locker.My Grandfather was making 1 Locker per week, as he would use Mortice and Tenon joints, and tongue and groove slips. My dad said to him he could make 1 a day if he used screws and hidden nails, a lot of words were said, and later that same week my dad left his home and as they say, went to work for the Circus. Or in his case "Toff's" Amusment. Toff's was a traveling Amusment Arcade With Bumper Cars, Chair O Plains, Slot Machines, and so on. He got a job as a basic D.I.Y helper, as he was very good with his hands, and his head.

Later that same year Toff's arrived in Dublin, and set up in Harolds Cross. Dad told me that this was a real eye opener for him, in the bright lights of Dublin. It was very hard work, with long days, and longer nights, but he made a lot of new friend's.