This is the story of my "Great Aunt Kate Catherine Long" as told to me by my "First Cousin" twice removed, MARK LAWTON, all photographs are the sole owenership of Mark.

Kate married Thomas Twohig in her local parish church St Finbarr's in Cork City, in Ireland. On the 3rd of June 1888. Her father Nathaniel Long worked as a Cabinet Maker ie, Carpenter.

As did her Brother Nathaniel, who was my Great Grandfather. All of the Long family from what I have found out were all Carpenters, and very skilled men for that time.

Kate and Thomas had most of there children in Cork, and lived there until they decided to Emigrate to America.

Kate traveled to America on board the S.S. New England, on the 18th Sep 1903. I am not sure if Thomas traveled on ahead of Kate with some of the children.

Some of the older girls followed on over in October of 1903. The address they were all heading to was no 56 Emmett Street, Brocton, Massachusetts.

Thomas was listed as a Clerk on the birth records of most of his children while living in Cork. If you check the birth records and census records, them seemed to live in a lot of different places in the early years.

This I believe was the norm as they would have only been tenaments, possible a room in a large house, and when you could not pay the rent to the Landlord who was more than likely an Englishman you were turfed out. So you would travel the streets trying to find a place to put your family in.

This went on for many many years, my own father Joe Long use to tell me of traveling the streets of Cork on a Horse and Cart, with his parents and all the family belongings, trying to find a place to live.

If you ever wondered why the Irish hated the English so much, Read all about the History of Ireland under British Rule. Read the Ship manifest that Catherine and the children traveled on to Ellis Island.

For their Nationality if they put Ireland it was scratched out and replaced with "Great Britian".