How it all Started

Your Feature 1 story goes here. You can use HTML tags within the body of the story. You can also use PHP code by inserting the code within a < ? php ? > section (note that blanks were inserted in between the php starting and ending characters so the php start and end tags would display on the page.

If you are creating a story that you want to translate and display in the language the user has selected to view your site, then you can place the content that starts with the heading 1 (< h1 >) line to everything in the line before the tng_footer.php function call in your language folder and use a PHP

include($mylanguage/feature1.php) to include the content from you language folder for each language you support on your site.
For additional information see the TNG Wiki article on creating User Pages or histories using the historytemplate.php file at and

This feature1.php file was created from the historytemplate.php and saved in the histories folder as an example of how to create such a file.