Galway, City, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BYRNE, Mary  10 Oct 1852Galway, City, Ireland I3886 Long Family  
2 DILLON, Emily Eliza.  7 Feb 1872Galway, City, Ireland I3896 Long Family  
3 DOWLER, Annie Christina.  17 Dec 1909Galway, City, Ireland I3887 Long Family  
4 DOWLER, Charlotte Emily.  12 Mar 1913Galway, City, Ireland I3892 Long Family  
5 DOWLER, Frederick Charles.  23 Jan 1926Galway, City, Ireland I3872 Long Family  
6 DOWLER, John Joseph. Sean  24 Nov 1920Galway, City, Ireland I3871 Long Family  
7 DOWLER, Pansy  24 Mar 1914Galway, City, Ireland I3893 Long Family  
8 FINAN, Mary G.  12 Apr 1935Galway, City, Ireland I3881 Long Family  
9 FINAN, Michael Leo.  12 May 1936Galway, City, Ireland I1354 Long Family  
10 GERAGHTY, William John.  10 Oct 1891Galway, City, Ireland I3874 Long Family  
11 GLANCY, James  10 Oct 1846Galway, City, Ireland I54 Long Family  
12 MCCANN, Bernadette A.  16 Nov 1938Galway, City, Ireland I2463 Long Family  
13 MCCANN, Catherine B. T.  14 Nov 1936Galway, City, Ireland I2454 Long Family  
14 MCCANN, Margaret E. C.  18 Dec 1937Galway, City, Ireland I2453 Long Family  
15 MCCANN, Mary L.  16 Oct 1935Galway, City, Ireland I2450 Long Family  
16 MCCANN, Michael A.  8 Sep 1942Galway, City, Ireland I2455 Long Family  
17 MCCANN, Patrick T.  21 May 1941Galway, City, Ireland I2449 Long Family  
18 O'SULLIVAN, Charles F.  19 Jul 1887Galway, City, Ireland I3903 Long Family  
19 O'SULLIVAN, Elizabeth K.  10 Oct 1892Galway, City, Ireland I3868 Long Family  
20 O'SULLIVAN, Frederick Francis.  27 Sep 1880Galway, City, Ireland I3902 Long Family  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BYRNE, Mary  12 Apr 1917Galway, City, Ireland I3886 Long Family  
2 DOWLER, Annie Christina.  26 Aug 1916Galway, City, Ireland I3887 Long Family  
3 DOWLER, Frederick Charles  22 Oct 1943Galway, City, Ireland I3860 Long Family  
4 GLANCY, James  25 Feb 1904Galway, City, Ireland I54 Long Family  
5 GLANCY, Mary Ellen.  28 Mar 1913Galway, City, Ireland I3927 Long Family  
6 O'SULLIVAN, Charles F.  26 Feb 1914Galway, City, Ireland I3903 Long Family  
7 O'SULLIVAN, Frederick Francis.  26 May 1912Galway, City, Ireland I3902 Long Family  
8 O'SULLIVAN, John Joseph.  1 Jul 1898Galway, City, Ireland I3870 Long Family  
9 REILY, John  11 Nov 1894Galway, City, Ireland I1517 Long Family  
10 SELLARS, Bernadine Frances.  11 Nov 1947Galway, City, Ireland I3572 Long Family  


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DOWLER / DILLON  6 Jun 1908Galway, City, Ireland F831 Long Family  
2 FINAN / DOWLER  12 Feb 1934Galway, City, Ireland F826 Long Family  
3 REILY / VAUGHAN  6 Jun 1860Galway, City, Ireland F425 Long Family