Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIEBESHEIMER, Carol Ruth.  25 Dec 1937Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3721 Long Family  
2 BIEBESHEIMER, Dorothy Marie.  16 Dec 1939Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3722 Long Family  
3 BIEBESHEIMER, Elizabert Anne.  12 Sep 1935Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3720 Long Family  
4 BIEBESHEIMER, Fredric Charles.  28 Oct 1945Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3723 Long Family  
5 BIEBESHEIMER, Gertrude C.  7 Sep 1906Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I586 Long Family  
6 BIEBESHEIMER, John W.  22 Feb 1903Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I2903 Long Family  
7 BIEBESHEIMER, John William.  11 Feb 1934Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3719 Long Family  
8 DOWLING, Bernard Thomas.  16 Feb 1940Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3698 Long Family  
9 DOWLING, Edward Michael.  19 Dec 1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3699 Long Family  
10 DOWLING, Jerry John.  16 Oct 1935Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3700 Long Family  
11 FISHER, Marlene Joanne  27 Jul 1937Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6783 Long Family  
12 HERRMAN, Ursula  24 Sep 1852Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3738 Long Family  
13 JUNG, Robert William.  12 Sep 1935Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6784 Long Family  
14 KRAUSLACH, Arthur H.  25 Sep 1898Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3741 Long Family  
15 KRAUSLACH, George  18 Jun 1893Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3740 Long Family  
16 KRAUSLACH, Lydia  17 Nov 1888Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3739 Long Family  
17 KRAUSSLACH, Adolph  15 Jul 1860Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6020 Long Family  
18 KRAUSSLACH, August G.  04 Mar 1856Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3693 Long Family  
19 KRAUSSLACH, Carl R.  10 Oct 1904Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America  I6013 Long Family  
20 KRAUSSLACH, Charles  6 Nov 1866Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3736 Long Family  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIEBESHEIMER, Adam Wm.  2 Mar 1931Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I2718 Long Family  
2 FISHER, Marlene Joanne  4 Jul 1979Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6783 Long Family  
3 JUNG, Robert William.  14 Oct 2005Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6784 Long Family  
4 KRAUSLACH, George  25 Sep 1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3740 Long Family  
5 KRAUSLACH, Lydia  11 Nov 1958Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3739 Long Family  
6 KRAUSSLACH, Adolph  10 Dec 1860Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6020 Long Family  
7 KRAUSSLACH, August G.  11 Nov 1928Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3693 Long Family  
8 KRAUSSLACH, Carl R.  26 Jun 1967Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6013 Long Family  
9 KRAUSSLACH, Charles  16 May 1915Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3736 Long Family  
10 KRAUSSLACH, Elizabeth Ann.  21 Mar 1947Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I2902 Long Family  
11 KRAUSSLACH, Emma  11 Nov 1934Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3737 Long Family  
12 KRAUSSLACH, George  23 Apr 1891Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3356 Long Family  
13 KRAUSSLACH, Katie A.  19 Aug 1948Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3734 Long Family  
14 KRAUSSLACH, Mina  11 Nov 1925Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3735 Long Family  
15 WEITENDORF, Ezra William Philip.  30 Jan 1980Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I6017 Long Family  
16 WOHLFHARDT, Anne Katherine.  12 Feb 1906Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America I3681 Long Family  


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BIEBESHEIMER / FISHER  2 Aug 1958Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America F2157 Long Family  
2 BIEBESHEIMER / SCHURMANN  30 Dec 1931Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America F773 Long Family  
3 JUNG / BIEBESHEIMER  25 May 1957Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America F2158 Long Family  
4 KRAUSSLACH / HERRMAN  24 May 1887Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America F775 Long Family  
5 KRAUSSLACH / WOHLFHARDT  3 Dec 1855Milwaukee, Wisconsin, America F769 Long Family