Auckland, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 DUNN, Cushla Linda  10 Oct 1952Auckland, New Zealand I4692 Long Family  
2 DUNN, Loma Ivy.  10 Oct 1903Auckland, New Zealand I6660 Long Family  
3 DUNN, Loraine Robyn  10 Oct 1955Auckland, New Zealand I4694 Long Family  
4 GREY, Claude Payton  10 Oct 1895Auckland, New Zealand I4670 Long Family  
5 GREY, Elsie Claudia Jeanne.  10 Oct 1917Auckland, New Zealand I4671 Long Family  
6 GREY, Mary Edna  24 Dec 1919Auckland, New Zealand I4672 Long Family  
7 HALLAM, Hannah  22 Sep 1875Auckland, New Zealand I6625 Long Family  
8 HOWARTH, Briar Kathleen  20 Aug 1943Auckland, New Zealand I4688 Long Family  
9 HOWARTH, David John  22 Dec 1945Auckland, New Zealand I4689 Long Family  
10 HOWARTH, Gaynor  21 Nov 1949Auckland, New Zealand I4690 Long Family  
11 HOWARTH, Gloria Jean  29 Jul 1941Auckland, New Zealand I4687 Long Family  
12 HOWARTH, John Richard  10 Oct 1919Auckland, New Zealand I4686 Long Family  
13 JAMIESON, Eileen Gladys  10 Oct 1923Auckland, New Zealand I4691 Long Family  
14 MARTIN, William  10 Oct 1860Auckland, New Zealand I6667 Long Family  
15 MEANS, Edward James  8 Jun 1905Auckland, New Zealand I4683 Long Family  
16 O'NEILL, Sydney Terence  10 Oct 1946Auckland, New Zealand I4695 Long Family  
17 STONELEY, Amanda Nicole.  5 Oct 1991Auckland, New Zealand I6657 Long Family  
18 STONELEY, Catherine Louise.  12 Dec 1988Auckland, New Zealand I6656 Long Family  
19 STONELEY, Gary James  7 Dec 1959Auckland, New Zealand I6654 Long Family  
20 STONELEY, Justine Renee  11 Feb 2000Auckland, New Zealand I6658 Long Family  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Florence Emma.  11 Nov 1941Auckland, New Zealand I4398 Long Family  
2 DUNN, William James.  6 Sep 1945Auckland, New Zealand I6661 Long Family  
3 GASPARICH, Antonio L.  12 Jan 1918Auckland, New Zealand I4400 Long Family  
4 GASPARICH, Francis C  1976Auckland, New Zealand I5036 Long Family  
5 HALLAM, Hannah  4 Jun 1944Auckland, New Zealand I6625 Long Family  
6 HOWARTH, Gaynor  11 Nov 1998Auckland, New Zealand I4690 Long Family  
7 MILNE, Emma Carlotto  02 Mar 1962Auckland, New Zealand I4401 Long Family  
8 RHODES, James Edward.  04 Jul 1944Auckland, New Zealand I4392 Long Family  
9 RHODES, Joe  06 Jan 1951Auckland, New Zealand I4390 Long Family  
10 RHODES, Joseph  19 Aug 1914Auckland, New Zealand I4386 Long Family  
11 RHODES, Robert James.  13 Nov 1939Auckland, New Zealand I4389 Long Family  
12 SHORT, Thomas Hercules  15 May 1938Auckland, New Zealand I4402 Long Family  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 GASPARICH, Antonio L.  22 Jul 1879Auckland, New Zealand I4400 Long Family  


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DUNN / JAMIESON  07 Sep 1950Auckland, New Zealand F1635 Long Family  
2 GREY / DUNN  04 Dec 1916Auckland, New Zealand F1627 Long Family  
3 HOWARTH / DUNN  09 Dec 1939Auckland, New Zealand F1634 Long Family  
4 MARTIN / BOND  6 Jun 1890Auckland, New Zealand F2121 Long Family  
5 MEANS / BOND  6 Jun 1914Auckland, New Zealand F2120 Long Family  
6 O'NEILL / THOMPSON  21 Jan 1967Auckland, New Zealand F1636 Long Family  
7 STONELEY / MEANS  31 Mar 1984Auckland, New Zealand F2115 Long Family  


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 DUNN / JAMIESON  07 Sep 1964Auckland, New Zealand F1635 Long Family