Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.



Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 FOGARTY, Ambrose Gerald.  9 Jan 2016Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I293 Long Family  
2 JUSTIN, William  04 Jan 1895Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I4510 Long Family  
3 KEANE, John  5 Dec 1887Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I163 Long Family  
4 LONG, Anne Patricia  8 Sep 1932Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7225 Long Family  
5 LONG, Bridget Veronicia  11 Jul 1930Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7224 Long Family  
6 LONG, Nathaniel  19 Aug 1998Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7223 Long Family  
7 LONG, Susan  21 Jan 1937Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I1601 Long Family  
8 MCGLADE, Gwendoline  4 Sep 1996Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7232 Long Family  
9 MCGLADE, Maura  3 Nov 1994Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7227 Long Family  
10 MONAHAN, Jane  8 Dec 1976Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7222 Long Family  
11 O'DRISCOLL, Ambrose Thomas  18 Mar 1963Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I122 Long Family  
12 O'DRISCOLL, Anna Stella  10 Feb 1907Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I7167 Long Family  
13 O'DRISCOLL, Bridget. Bridie  8 Mar 1985Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I291 Long Family  
14 O'DRISCOLL, Corneilus Joseph  1 Nov 1899Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I242 Long Family  
15 O'DRISCOLL, John Joseph  12 Nov 1896Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I585 Long Family  
16 O'DRISCOLL, Josephine  3 Mar 1969Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I590 Long Family  
17 REILLY, Catherine  28 Dec 1944Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. I589 Long Family